Studio1 combine creativity, experience and passion to create truly memorable wedding photography. Whether it's a large society wedding at an expansive country estate, or a small and intimate event at a secluded venue, Dan, Mel and the team always ensure you have an amazing day with fantastic images too!

Dan Casson


Loves the big glamorous weddings but equally comfortable being part of a smaller, more intimate affair.

Always looking to find the light & loves to make things happen that no-one else sees. More interested in expression than fancy backgrounds but still loves a stately home or castle to get groovy with of course!

Most likely to be seen hanging out of a window to get just the right angle or being chased by a group of Bridesmaids for being a bit too cheeky!

More than capable of dealing with large crowds as he's big, loud & loads of fun. Can be surprisingly quiet & sensitive when the time is right though.

If Dan gets any spare time (very rare!) it's always spent with his family. If you visit his home office you will see loads of pics of his favourite subjects Thomas & Bella – 2 great kids who really know how to 'work the camera'!

Mel Fordham


Friendly, lovable & always willing to go the extra mile. Amazing energy & enthusiasm to be ready for any photo opportunity – especially if you love smaller relaxed couples/groups featuring wedding guests.

A family man with a love of photography no matter what the subject. This all-round approach is ideal for Mel's role as the perfect 'people photographer'.

Whether it's corporate, portrait, sports or events Mel has done it all & his varied background translates perfectly to weddings too, especially if you are looking for a quieter, more unobtrusive approach.

Always looking to find new ways to develop his skills Mel achieved a degree in photography & to push his personal horizon he is also a qualified helicopter pilot!

On quiet evenings, when Mel is not behind a camera or in front of a computer, he is more often than not to be found with his beloved Diesel (that's the dog) at his feet & enjoying a cheeky glass of red with the Jean (that's the wife!).



The arty one.

Quiet, unassuming & almost invisible much of the time. Think of a Ninja photographer & you won't be far wrong!

Max lives in Devon now but loves to come back 'home' to shoot weddings when the opportunity arises. Loves the long day, never leaves until way past First Dance & especially loves night-time shots. A lovely, easy-going nature & relaxed approach leaves everyone feeling they have found a new friend – not just a great photographer!



If you want the Studio1 style but prefer a lady then Clare is the perfect choice for you.

After achieving her degree in photography Clare joined the team & was the studio manager at the Leigh premises learning her wedding skills directly under Dan's expert tutelage!

Never one to hog the limelight, Clare's simple, straightforward approach means she blends into the background much of the time working with natural/available light.

But don't worry – she can still make herself heard & organise a few groups where necessary!



Mel's daughter (we like to keep things in the family!).

Jen is best described as sweet & lovable with a gentle manner (you will feel that from the moment you meet her), perfect for the newborn baby photography she specialises in.

You will also find Jen working with Mel in the studio & on location as they form a great team for family portraits/corporate/event/advertising shoots as well as some bigger weddings.

Always smiling you cannot fail to feel good when Jen is around!



Dan's uncle (yes – more family!) is our resident videographer.

Using HD cameras Mick shoots mainly from shoulder height (hand-held or a tripod), we call it a 'guest-eye view'.

Simple, classic approach with little or no interaction, just good old-fashioned video you will look back on over the years to come to re-live the day & remember the way things were.

Probably the one thing that will mean more to future generations than those who were actually there on the day!